Current issues & Theories – Project 1 Creative Spark

Group member: Declan, Andrew, Tim and me (Gefei Zhou)

What is Creative Spark?

“To meet the recognised the need for a dedicated creative training and workspace facility in the county Creative Spark, Louth Creative Community Hub has been developed with a focus on the development of the creative enterprise sector in this region and the use of creative practice to promote social engagement.

Providing 50% dedicated training and ‘learning lab’ facilities and 50% affordable workspace, Creative Spark will be more than just serviced workspace. Creative Spark will offer an environment where creativity can flourish and where networking and connectivity are more than just buzzwords but become a daily reality for the creative community working, learning and meeting in the hub.”

About our project

Our project is about popularize Creative Spark, we had four times meeting about how we popularizing Creative Spark, and we discussed our project design. First, we confirmed our object is 16 – 60 years old people who are interested in creative media. Second we chose passing out business cards to people as our project design for popularize Creative Spark. Third, we selected Marshes Shopping Centre as the place for passing out business cards. Then, Andrew designed the content of business card and poster for our popularize.


19 Oct 2012, we go to Marshes Shopping Centre to pass out business cards. It is the first time for everybody in our group to pass out something in public. At the beginning, we all did not know what to do and we were a little bit shy. After about 10 minutes, we didn’t pass out even one business card to people. At that time, I came up with an idea. I went to a shop and got 2 boxes of lollipops, and then I told my group maters that we could give the people lollipops to make them stop and listen to our introduction of Creative Spark. This method did be effective, because there were a lot of parents walk in the shopping centre with their children. Kids love lollipops so much! As a result, the parents would stop and listen to introduction when I give their kids lollipops.

We spend 3hours on this job, and we passed out more than 100 cards, and introduced Creative Spark to more than 60 people.

Here is some information we introduce.

1. Workspace

Affordable own-door workspace for less than €50 per week

All packages including membership of Spark Plugs Social Club a monthly networking and learning get-together.

2. Meeting Spaces & Coffee Dock

Meeting rooms are available to hire fully equipped with AV equipment. Preferential rates and all-inclusive packages available for tenants.

A self-service tea and coffee-making facility with comfortable seating for informal meetings is available in the central circulation space.

3. Training Space

Training space will be available to rent by individuals delivering training in creative media or related business topics.

Training space will be used by Creative Spark to deliver targeted specific training meeting the needs of the tenants and community groups.

4. Hot Desking

Hot desking facilities from €50 per month

All packages include membership of Spark Plugs Social Club a monthly networking and learning get-together.

And we told people 23 Oct 2012 is Open Day for Creative Spark, they could come and see some project from Film and Creative Media student in DKIT.

At the beginning, we were preparing for the work.

We were passing out business cards.

We finished the job.

Group members (from left to right): Declan, Andrew, Tim and me (Gefei Zhou)



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